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Get a calm & settled tummy!

If you have been struggling for years with bloating, IBS, constipation and / or loose and urgent stools it’s time to change that! Book your Digestive Health Check now.


Have you tried every diet, including excluding gluten and dairy and given the low Fodmap diet a go? Perhaps you have had numerous investigative tests to be told there is nothing wrong yet you are still suffering from excruciating pain and a rock hard bloated belly.



I’m Steph Weekes, a registered Nutritional therapist specialising in digestive health. I am passionate about helping others not have to 'manage' their symptoms but find resolutions.


I’ll work with you to uncover the root cause of your tummy troubles and support you make changes that allow your body to heal. If you’re ready to find something that really works – let me guide and support you through my process so that you can feel energetic and not hampered by embarrassing and unpleasant digestive symptoms.


Do you dream of your tummy being flat and trapped or noxious wind being a thing of the past? Not constantly worrying about your bowel movements is liberating and I can help you achieve that. I would love to hear about your health, please click the button below to book your free Digestive Health Check now.


Free Digestive Health Checks

I offer free digestive health checks so we can discuss your symptoms and how nutritional therapy could help.

1-to-1 Consultations

Initial consultations in person or remotely last approximately 60-90x minutes. About a third of this session is allocated to information gathering so that I can really understand you and what is going on for you.


Follow-ups can be spaced to suit you and the health goal you are working on, they usually last 45-60x minutes.

Talks & Workshops

These can be tailored to specific requirements whether it is for a corporate audience, a school group or a community meeting. These can be interactive, hands on or more information based as required.



I can highly recommend Steph. Professional, knowledgeable and empathetic, Steph discusses and analyses your dietary needs, and creates bespoke solutions that work with your lifestyle. The change I noticed in healthy skin and hair, better sleep and reduction in cholesterol - and awareness of how to make better food choices - have been life changing. Everyone has a lot to gain from Steph's skills and advice! Sam

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