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I offer free digestive health checks so we can discuss your symptoms and how nutritional therapy could help.

These can take place in person however, at the moment they are being offered online. Initially there will be an information gathering phase before I explain what I think might be going on for you and then the final phase of the session is to create the recommendations that create your health plan.

Individual sessions & packages available

Talks at Wellness events (in schools, at clubs, corporations, events, groups) or as part of your ‘PSHE’ classes on topics such as healthy eating, eating in times of stress, ageing well, eating for the immune system. Please contact me for fees and to discuss ideas for delivering nutrition presentations and workshops.

I am passionate to help people, talking and working with groups either as a one-off or as part of a programme. This allows me to educate and inform people about healthy eating and its' impact on our wellbeing, weight and health. Please contact me for further information.

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