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How to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle

The Time to Nourish programme provides a road map on how to easily nourish yourself even in the busiest of times, so that you can take back control and make informed decisions that will allow you to thrive no matter what.

We'll teach you how to increase your energy levels and resilience through your diet even with a busy schedule.

We'll explain the science behind these changes and provide action steps for you to implement so you can feel in control of your health.

We'll give you our signature methodology to help you achieve your goals and create sustainable change.

What you’ll receive when you join this training

Members Only App

Access the complete programme conveniently on your phone or device via an app so that it seamlessly fits into your life.

Private Group Chat

You'll get exclusive access to the private group chat via the app so you can get the support you need from us and your fellow participants.

Worksheets & Resources

Get supporting resources and worksheets  to help you travel through each phase with ease.

Nudges that help you stay on track

You will receive gentle nudges via the app to help you achieve your weekly goals, making staying on track a breeze.

Live Q&A recordings

Watch and re-watch the recordings of the live Q&A sessions to see what questions were raised and what was discussed, at any time.

Bonus recipes

Quick and healthy recipes that can be easily adapted to your preferences.

Amazing Reviews

I am feeling much better...

Just a month after, I am feeling much better, lost 3 kg and my mental health has improved significantly. I’m really pleased with the results. Thank you so much Steph!

Energy levels improved...

Steph asked me various health & goal-related questions and came up with a nutrition plan that changed my life for the better. My energy levels have improved dramatically and my general health is much better.

Kept me motivated...

Anja provided great advice to help me build my strength and lose weight sustainably, and went above and beyond to keep me motivated to reach my goals.

Does more than she needs to..

Anja is great! She is so committed and so friendly and she will go out of her way to do more than she needs to, out of her commitment to her clients

What you’ll learn in this training


Module 1:

How to easily and effectively change behaviour

Learn the key science behind behaviour change and become aware of your current choices.


Module 2:

How to interpret your habits and make quick adjustments

Learn how to interpret your food intake and your ideal meal composition. We will give you tips on how to achieve this easily.


Module 3:

How to establish your vision and identify road blocks
Learn how to anchor your vision and why it is important to you, together with understanding what is preventing you from fulfilling your vision.


Module 4:

How to nail your desired behaviours

Learn how to use the best of behaviour change science to your advantage and design your personal checklist for making it happen.


Module 5:

How stress affects physiology

Learn how to interpret your food intake and your ideal meal composition. We will give you tips on how to achieve this easily.




Module 6:

How blood sugar levels and stress are linked

Learn why we are all emotional eaters to some degree and why it is important for you to understand where you are and what you can do to help yourself.



Module 10:

How to deal with failure

Learn some mindset tips to deal with when things do not go as planned.

Module 8:

How to create a personalised action plan

Learn how to use goal setting for guaranteed success.


Module 12:

How to move forward from here

Learn how to make sure your new habits stick around for the long term.


Module 9:

How to customise your mindset

Learn the number one thing that prevents us from succeeding.

Module 7:

How to use simple hacks to stay on track

Learn simple ways to eat healthier, including tips to deal with the most common pitfalls.

Module 11:

How to adapt when routines go out the window

Learn how to navigate certain events such as holidays and eating out to keep you one step ahead.

What next?

Book your discovery call by emailing:

Here Are Your Questions Answered

How much time should I set aside to work on this?

We estimate a minimum of 3x hours a week for the course content however, you may want to spend longer on it. As everyone is different some tasks may take longer than others. Implementing your changes will vary in time and we haven't included this in the estimated time above. 

What if I can't keep up with the programme?

We understand that life happens and you may feel like you are falling behind but there is no need to worry as we have included 3 extra months membership to the app so you will have time to catch up and still keep in touch with the group. 

How long are the sessions?

The training modules will be 30-60x mins and we allow an hour for the live Q&A sessions. 

Who is the programme suitable for?

If you have low energy levels and struggle to eat healthily, know you could improve your nutrition but currently don't have the time to spend on it but its been on your 'to do' list for some time then this is definitely the course for you! We'd love to work with you.

Can I purchase additional coaching sessions?

Yes absolutely, there will be a discount for 1-to-1 coaching sessions as you are currently on one of our programmes.  

Where do I watch the sessions?

These will be available in the Nudge app, the live sessions will take place on zoom and then be available in the Nudge app as well. 

Steph Weekes Nutrition - 2021

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